_MG_5211I’m one ordinary person with ordinary mind. There’s nothing special to write down. I still think I don’t know myself and I find no words to write down anything about me.

If you talk about professional introduction, I am a Big Data Analyst who aspires to be a Data Scientist. My greatest interests are in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

I love to capture alluring moments of life. I am very bad at expressing things, in fact not at all an expressive person, so I find it easy to say Allegories. I decorate my Allegories by capturing everything and anything that appeals me.

Some Stupid Work by me : http://flickr.com/ranausman

– I like Rain and I love to walk in rain (NEVER) without Umbrella.

– Life looked easier when I was worried about school homework (ONLY).

– I never taught myself to complain about anything.

– Aroma of Wet Sand drives me crazy.

– I don’t believe in public display of emotions.
– I can’t think of anything at the moment to further impress you.

Everything belongs to Allah (swt). It is He who rules the world. It is He who owns everything, It is He who is cognizant of everything.

Yes this all is Implied but we all often forget this thing. So don’t throw the backquote quotation to “implied things”.

All the praises and graces remains to Allah swt only.

I can be reached at usmanashrafrana@gmail.com

Tweets @rana_usman


10 thoughts on “About

  1. A very alluring Blog, I see my emotions being portrayed in your Blogposts. Keep on Blogging and Inspiring !
    Happy Ramadhan.

    1. and I was going through your archives, Some posts seem password protected πŸ˜• – What the use of having a BLOG if you are keeping your posts silenced?

  2. All thou not detailed about you brother, but than again, I can understand your feelings about your university and why in the rain not without umbrella, In future I hope as you experience you will express more and it would be straight from your heart like this is now.

    Your brother

    Farhan Imaan

  3. You are one honest, genuine and truly amazing person. People have issues of ego, attitude, stiff nature and what not. But believe me, these simple words showed clearly how much of a simple and an exceedingly decent person you are. The purity of soul is expressed clearly via words. And this, ” I never taught myself to complain about anything.” won my heart. It surely brings so much esteem and sincere wishes from my side.

    1. Thank you so much for being very kind Hira as Mark Twain said, Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. I cannot express my gratitude in words as they are always limited. Your words means a lot, a lot to me, you see as if they have rejuvenated the barren land. Thank you so much again.
      Stay blessed.

  4. Okay. I saw your Flickr. AND IT IS NOT STUPID WORK. ITS BEAUTY.
    And the Secret Tales…a round of applause for that. A round of applause for everything, but for that. Well that is….exquisite. Explains why you like Pink Floyd.

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