Theorem of Love

Inspired by Dave Feinberg


You weren’t real

You were an imaginary conjugate

Like those holes at light years

Which deviate the path of light rays

For light is a wave

The wave of your hand

That moves me

Like a particle

Around the nucleus

That is you

You were not real

You were an imaginary Conjugate

For every iota

Must there be a real integer

The integer of love

The integer of trust

The integer of ❤

Had there been a smooth road

We would have been a Zener diode

If there was a clipper circuit in our way

We would apply the theorem of Hay

I would read the colors of your face

With the resistance color coding pace

We would be happy as an ideal conductor

There won’t be Eddy currents in our structure

I would become the real number

And you would be my iota

For I will be real


You will be my imaginary conjugate.


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