Confessions of a Fine Evening


Only if you knew
When the breeze of cold hearts hit the shores of warm deserts
When fall will pass
Daffodils will rise

Id scold you
With my careless touch
You would shiver with smile
And the frosting cold nights would end
Dawn will return again

How would you know
It adds a little more than life
It completes
My untouched dreams
When you show up
With your undressed hair
Radiant Simper

How would I know
Whats hidden beneath
The delights of your plain face
When you want to question
But you dont

You know My beloved
The tyranny of storms
Wont last long
The rain has stopped
Ever stayed clouds are moving
When the sun rise again
You and I be one again
If and only if you knew.


7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fine Evening

  1. its too beautiful… like the dream one wakes up to at dawn.. when just a little of light meets your sleepy eyes but your head is still reeling from euphoria of that beautiful dream..

  2. Such a serene progressive poem. Makes a reader keep on going without any effort. There’s a tint of sweetness. Just enough for one to get the hint of love without making it over powering and it’s such a paradox that in the end you do feel love is over powering

  3. The descriptions are beautifully sculptured and I could almost imagine been there, watching the scene unfold in front of me. Much better than anything that I have read from you before. Simple yet elegant.

    Good work.

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