The Tragedy of Drones


And the massacre continues as the US drone strikes fail to stop. However, USA is not the culprit; the real culprits are those in power whose silence is regularly executing deaths in Pakistan. Those who are proud of their eloquent tongues have silenced themselves over drone attacks. In my opinion when a nation keeps quiet about the killings of their own people, they loose their dignity.

2966 people were killed in 9/11 attacks in USA, which pushed USA into the war on terror. The core reason was the security of their people and the dignity of their nation. Today every American is sure that their government trying their best to protect their citizens. Sadly in Pakistan, it seems like the lives of the people are on sale. Nobody cares about whose dying and who’s not. The government has failed miserably to protect human lives.

According to The New America Foundation, 2680 people including 173 children have died in drone attacks in the past eight years, and still many are dying everyday. If you want to know about the price of human blood, ask a mother. The story started when a General reigned over the dejected people of Pakistan. He didn’t commit crime by allowing drone strikes but he gave license of serial killing to a country whose hands are already colors red with the blood of millions, whether it is Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen or Pakistan. United States of America has history of killing people for their interests and sadly, they were never brought to justice.

The drone strikes started after the green signal was waved by General, one after another, hundreds of strike till this day, murdering thousands of innocents in collateral damage. The definition of collateral damage is relative; one man’s son can be another man’s collateral damage. The people of Pakistan already have extreme hatred and detestation for American government; it is not far when every American citizen will be hated by Pakistanis or perhaps, it already is. The blame is on the people of power in both countries.

Recently, a drone attack victim, Nabila Rehman, 9 years old whose mother was murdered while she was looking into garden. She traveled thousands of miles to have answer to her only question; was my mother a potential threat to United States of America?. She stated, the only person killed was not a militant, but my mother. Who knows, how many Nabila Rehman’s are already dieing with anger and helplessness in drone affected areas. The question is, till how long would the game of death will dance upon the innocent Pukhtoons.

There might be a purpose which is served by a drone strike. There might be potential threats that are eliminated by a few drone strikes, but the damage it is causing socially and psychologically are far more dangerous than the purpose it serves. The epidemic of “Collateral Damage” will only cause retaliation, the uprising against the murderers who are sitting thousands of miles away playing the game of death with the joystick. The pukhtoons have history of vengeance; they revenge their enemies, in any way, through any way. So if Zubair, 13 years old, the brother of Nabila Rehman, pick up arms against the America, Will then it be justified? A drone might kill one potential threat but leaves many definite threats behind.

USA showed a cold shoulder to tragedy of Nabila Rehman, she has become another nameless face among thousands, while Malala is given the status of an renowned activist because she serves the purpose in American War. Murtuza Hussain points a serious question in his opinion piece, Malala and Nabila: Worlds apart.  “While Malala was feted by Western media figures, politicians and civic leaders for her heroism, Nabila has become simply another one of the millions of nameless, faceless people who have had their lives destroyed over the past decade of American wars. The reason for this glaring discrepancy is obvious. Since Malala was a victim of the Taliban, she, despite her protestations, was seen as a potential tool of political propaganda to be utilised by war advocates. She could be used as the human face of their effort, a symbol of the purported decency of their cause, the type of little girl on behalf of whom the United States and its allies can say they have been unleashing such incredible bloodshed”.

The milk has been spilled, the water has already reached the gates. People of Pakistan had sincere hopes from a Prime Minister who came to power with a vast majority, but he failed to satisfy the concerns of people of Pakistan. There still is time Mr Prime Minister, Think before an even worse time overtakes us. Great nations of the world have faced worse circumstances. China was once under the occupation of Japan, Nazi’s were once outside the gate of Moscow, France was once under a tyrannous monarch. Temporary invasions don’t win wars, Leningrad, Stalingrad was once invaded, but the nations who want to remain free, fight till their last breath. The ignorance of the individuals of this nation is the only reason why Pakistanis are suffering. When the conscience of a nation is asleep, when deaths are ignored just because the person died is not your father, son, mother or daughter, when a ray of hope is lost in the dark seas of bewilderment, nations die.


5 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Drones

  1. A very well written article!

    Your thoughts have been beautifully portrayed and sadly, this is what really is happening now. Keep writing and maybe someday, we can see a change too 🙂

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