Tales from a cornered desert.


A radiant cloud lost way

In the warm deserts of dismay


Despair he cried with fear

Soon he broke down in tears

A camel passing by asked


I heard Arabs say water seeps

When cloud weeps

Shed some rain that you keep


Frightened the cloud replied


I am pride of Himalayas

I am life for barren lands

I am the heart of poets

I am the dweller of boundless skies

Who are you to ask me questions


Smiling, the camel replied

Stand down oh conceited cloud.


For my desert has sand dunes not Himalayas

For no tree grows here

The solitude of my abode is beyond poems of poets

Pride and Honor disappear in winds of my abode


Upon hearing this

Cloud moved to cactus nearby

Its the sun that makes you shine

but you are ugly and full of spines


Cactus calmly replied

I am the light  of desert

For nothing grows here

But me


The scorch of sun

Cannot burn me

No Animal can

Touch me.

I am the only glory

I am the only Honor
Not I am known by Deserts

Deserts are known by me.


Run away you little monster

Desert is not for you
Either make yourself strong

or Donot Criticize….


6 thoughts on “Tales from a cornered desert.

  1. its like #Reidi Gull’s song .Thats pashto song . is it inspiration behind ur this piece of poetry?? or its ur own? if its solely urs its fantabulous ..gud one 🙂

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