Objection Over Ruled


In the absence of light, darkness arises, the kind which prevails over every visible thing. Meanwhile, the presence of steaming mist was already showing its presence by blinding the vision. The ambiance seemed desolated when yet again, the bleakness reigned like an evil spirit, dancing to the beats of crackling thunder. It scared the life out of Jalal when a young little lad slowly appeared through the mist at this hour of the night. It was December, the air was frosty, cold was inevitable yet the young little lad was without shoes or warm clothes.

“What are you doing here?” Jalal asked, curiously.

“I am looking for a piece of bread” the boy replied, trembling with cold.

It was already shivering cold but it shuddered a little more into Jalal, not his body but the soul. The world lives with a strange standards, one man is enjoying every luxury, while another is starving. Who knows beside every cheering face lives a man who is already dead. It’s December, its the time of year when the fog overtakes the city of Lahore, but who knew it already has overtaken humanity.

“Objection overruled”, “Objection overruled” the voice encircled the hall as loud as it could. Your rulers have every right to enslave you and your parents, beat the hell out of your torpid brains. You cannot object their ruthlessness, you cannot object their tyranny, you cannot object their oppression as for you are perplexed to take it on your face. The courtroom was silent, the silence was different, not the kind which frightens you but the kind which brings the tidings of up-coming storms.

“Had you been a little witty, a little sane at the time of voting, you wouldn’t be suffering. Now take it on your face and stop complaining.” The Judge continued.

Suddenly, in a matter of a few moments, Jalal’s memory threw him back amid the mist and young lad.

“Boy!, Come with me” said Jalal and started to walk. The boy followed him till a shop came. Jalal bought him bread and meatloaf. It was a sight for Jalal to see smile followed by tears juxtaposed with optimism and happiness on the face of the boy. The young lad gave him a look and said:

“Thank you Uncle, my mother will pray for you”

And With the packet of bread and meatloaf in his hand, the boy soon disappeared into the mist encircling Jalal with thousands of questions.


7 thoughts on “Objection Over Ruled

  1. One of the best prose you have written so far. I loved it and would like to see more short stories like these.

    Thumbs Up!

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