Gaza: In the shade of miserable UNSC and torpid Arabs

Flame rises up after Israeli Jets bombard Gaza.
Dear UNSC, It is not just a grave moment, but a shameful moment for the whole world. Is there an advocate for that infant brutally choked to death by a bomb? Can’t a mother who has lost her whole family have a justice? Can the father of that kid ever return? Are you not afraid of blood spitted streets? Are you too prone to red color? Will justice never prevail? Will the massacre of innocents always be backed by the failed resolutions of United Nations. United Nations? What do you know about United Nations? Were you not supposed to be on the side of weak? Were you not made to assure the peace in this world? How often will you fail miserably?

Had it been any other country other than Gaza, wouldn’t you still give motion to your tongue? The claims? Which claims? The tall claims? The policies? What policies? The neglected policies? How on earth are you trying to tell us that you are the cause of world peace. The peace that I have not witnessed yet, the peace which USA has torn apart in Iraq and Afghanistan? The peace which kills dozens everyday including school going children through drone attacks in Pakistan? Or the peace that Israel is spreading by unjustified killing night after night.

Why would you call me a terrorist? You robbed my home, kicked me out from there and took all my valuables. You didn’t stop here, as when a devil is starving, he eradicates his craving not by food but blood, you spilled out the streams of blood in my home and you want me to be calm? I will retaliate, but when I do, you call me a terrorist? No I am not a terrorist, I am just retaliating. It’s not just me, those thousands of people whom you call terrorist are not terrorists, they are but avenging for harms you did to them and their families.

Old man looks up at his destroyed home.


Dear Arab League, How have you mastered the art of filibustering? How long would it take for your phone lines to connect to your counter parts? Had it been a euro cup final, there would not be much delay to confirm tickets, but sadly, it’s not, it’s not a football match, it is but a staged war, the war to diminish the weak to earth, perhaps the cries of helpless people of Gaza are musical to your ears or you are deaf. Whatever it is, but I am sure there is something wrong, something deeply wrong with the conscience of friends, the friends worse than the foes. Procrastination after procrastination, but for how long will you deliberate to let the death dance in the streets of Gaza? Perhaps you never had to run for a cover under the rain of bomb shells, lest you had, only then you would know what my brethren have to suffer with.

For why my nation can’t do anything is because we are not as strong as you, we are not as strong as you, we are already oppressed  we are already victims of civil war. We too have many dieing everyday on the hand of a war on terrorism. Oppressed cant save oppressed  we are yet in race of a progressive country but Arab countries have already progressed. Beside desert safari’s, exalted tourism and football clubs sponsorship  you have oil reservoirs  you have strong economy, you have money, the money that you once used against Soviet-Union, you have all resources to stop Israel to engage in war with defenseless Gaza strip, but yet it takes courage, and perhaps you are devoid of it. Among this vacuum, technology will advance, new weapons will be developed, another iPhone will be in market, fountains will never stop to tinkle, but those who lost their loved ones would never return.


2 thoughts on “Gaza: In the shade of miserable UNSC and torpid Arabs

  1. Beautifully and honestly written piece. It’s sad, it pulls at my heart, as does all of the horror perpetrated and perpetuated against the people of Gaza and of all of Palestine. I cannot comprehend how any thinking and caring human being could do this to another, or sit idly by while it is done to civilians. What is it that allows for these horrific actions against ANY of the people of Palestine. Even those they like to name, “Terrorists”; these people are DEFENDING their home land and their families, yet the majority of the world does not see this?
    So, now, today; there is a lull in the bombing. But, this could change at any moment, no warnings necessary. Who could heed these so-called warnings, when they do come by way of the psychological torture, leaflets dropped on these families, as each newer “love-bomb” brings with them contrary directions than the ones prior?
    “Stay in your homes”
    “Leave your homes and go to Gaza City”
    “Leave Gaza City”, and my least favorite:
    “anyone found out of doors will be considered a target”.

    So, what can we do for Palestine?
    It seems to me that the only sensible thing would be to force the Zionist people (settlers) to leave. I am not saying all (or any- TRUE) Jews should leave Palestine. Jewish people lived alongside Palestinians; Christians and Muslims, for quite a long time. But, the idea of Zionism came up and incited hatred, and when this happened, it seems the people of the land, the INDIGENOUS people. were set upon by the rabid dogs of the made-up nation-state of Israel.
    What other country would allow some strange group with a horrific agenda to come in and simply take over? The American Christian-Zionists are screaming and yelling about Latinos trying to take over “our” country, yet they support what the Zionist state has done, systematically massacring the people of Palestine. The loving Christian-Zionists donate to Zionist charities. The US Government supports these Zionists, yearly, in the (minimal) amount of three-Billion dollars (yes, BILLION, with a “B”), and nobody complains about this? Of course, when we do complain,we are labeled, “AntiZionist”. WE donate weaponry and plenty of high-tech munitions TO the true terrorists of Palestine, the Zionists..

    And, WHAT about PALESTINE?
    Perhaps I should ask Ban Ki Moon what he plans on doing about Palestine. I am sure I’ll hear nothing in return, as this is the usual m/o of the UNSC, as it is the usual thought of the world; “Must feed the BEAST that is ZIONISM”, and Palestinians:? What Palestinians? They don’t even consider Palestine.
    It’s horrible.

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