How I saw an Ordinary Cricket match.

How excitingly a man waves Pakistani flag.

Roars in crowd, roars in streets, roars in my room just as when the last over started, Razzak Picking up the ball, looking at it, not just at that ordinary ball but at his fate, his career. It wouldn’t sound obdurate to call Razzak, the play maker.

Just as he take his run-up, the midway run-up which is not long, which is not short, but which that blows up heart beat of Millions of Pakistanis, who are looking at skies for wonder with their hands raised and lips synced with prayers.

As he ran up, the crowd went up, the roars turned into pandemonium, the crackling went loud, and it was a shot, a single run shot. The convention continued for few balls when a sixer was hit, thus leveling the score, perhaps it would be appropriate to say, it leveled the expectations of millions of Pakistani’s across the globe watching the match.

One run to go, the team gathers, plans, thinks while the crowd hiding their dismayed faces, cleaning the sweaty foreheads look at them. Razzak lines up, takes another runway, it seemed as if the time has stopped, it perhaps took him centuries to reach the wicket and deliver the ball, and yes he delivers it.

The ball went up in the air, expressions has lost their meaning, sea of faces are unsure of whats going to happen, just as when Imran Nazir with a feared face takes it. There’s a joy, there’s a sense of victory, the crowd dances, the crowd smiles, the crowd grins.

Superover is now going to decide the match, I have the worst heart-beat, goes fast, and suddenly stops and then again starts. Within the space of few minutes, Australian players take up the pitch, making total of 12 runs for Pakistan to win.

Here comes Umar Akmal and Razzak, the Razzak who I knew of aggression, all hopes up, tied with two person, sole two persons. The victory on run, in business with 6 balls.

Cummins runs up, runs up the expectations of Pakistanis just as when Umar Akmal missed the first ball. The fear juxtaposed with hope is now waving smirk. Its all right, I am sure Umar Akmal can do it.

Cummins runs up again, he delivers and here’s a strike, Time stopped unless the ball crossed the boundary, and yes its a four. The crowd is rejuvenating again, the kind you give fresh water to thirsty dieing man. All hopes resurrected, whats next is the question that is beating with every heart.

Thousands of people look at skies again, asking for wonder, asking for Allah’s help, and yes that is what a Muslim is. He knows what nobody can do is what Allah can do. Here’s again another ball which Umar Akmal tries to strike again but couldn’t make it to bat and runs. Its a single. The public which stood up with the ball is now back at the seat hoping for miracle to happen.

Razzak comes on strike, Cummins is on way, delivers and here’s another strike. The ball crossed boundary again, Its 2 balls now, 3 runs.

Time has stopped again, centuries went past, heart beats are fast, faster than the whole match, Cummings delivers the ball and its single again. 1 ball, two runs.

Some with the sad smiles are praying, some are just hoping. Everyone is unaware of whats happening around the world, those few moments, those mere few moments are heavier than everything.

Cummins gets under pressured, not sure what to do, delivers a tall, a very tall wide ball. The next ball, and yes its a victory Allhamdullilah.

I am done, I am down to earth, I am prostrating to Allah swt for victory, so does the Millions. Its unbelievable and equally amazing how a small cricket time can unite this very nation which is divided in hundreds of things.

May Allah gives us more unity on every issue.


2 thoughts on “How I saw an Ordinary Cricket match.

  1. How beautifully you expressed the emotions, the feelings associated with this one match. I could feel myself there, watching it in reality as i read it! Beautifully worded. Really loved it.

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