When we went into Comma.

Nation is changed, not the Flag.

As a nation we have no pride, for we have no reason to be proud of. In
such utter dismay from people of my land, the quest to write this
letter urged in my mind.

We may be individuals solid as rock but a nation weak as a clay wall. Countries
do not drive nations but nations drive countries, and when nations are
in deep sleep, countries look for alternatives. We had seen worst of
worst examples of people ruining their own countries. Not by far are
the examples of Afghanistan, Sudan. While on contrary we had seen the
countries at dead ends ascending like vapors.

Something eventually went wrong, something seriously went wrong with
every lad of this nation, as for when I read about the times when
increase of few rupees in sugar price caused millions to come on roads
to protest against an ex-dictator, I find it hard to believe that it
is that very same nation has gone to the slumber land with no hope to
wake up in near future.

This dead air filled with calmness and silence is exploited by rulers
to tyrannize people in the form of many self implied taxes and
lootings to benefit their purses. Sometimes by hiking gas price,
sometimes increases in petrol prices, sometimes in the form of fuel surcharge. Why do I have to pay for their corruption? But I will pay as I am dead among the dead, as I am part of this group of people proudly claiming to be a nation.

Those who speak for corruption, I must remind you, the biggest doom of
corruption is moral corruption. If you are morally corrupt, you are
corrupt in every way. Sadly we all are corrupt in one way or another.
Corrupts supports corrupts, they stand with corrupts, they line with
corrupts, no wonder this is why we are ruled by such Government which
has every inch of it immersed in corruption. We are slowly loosing our
honour and dignity, the dignity which keeps us high, the honor that is
our backbone, slowly poisoned, dying every second, eventually
murdering souls.

We must awake ourselves. Our home is ablaze, and the time has com when
the blazes will engulf our very souls. Let us wake up before it is too
late. Let us give a little motion to our tongues and our act. For no miracle waits amidst crises, but miracles are materialized by the will and wants of people. When they believe in themselves and stand for a change. When they raise their voice against tyranny and when they glare at the face of aggression fearlessly. Nothing changes by itself. Let us stand up as a nation before its too late.


3 thoughts on “When we went into Comma.

  1. I totally agree here! We have no right to complain about our country, our nation because if we were doing our part things would have been different! WE make the nation! We make the country! The country is what the people are! Change yourself and everything will change. Great post.

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