What resuming NATO supply means to me.

ImageI am a born Pakistani, I am a die-hard Pakistan, I am a Pakistani who wouldn’t think for a moment to defend my country. I am not me, I am a voice of 180 million people living on this soul. Americans, I would rather call them invaders, as when we sneak through the history, we find them poking their nose in every matter of the world. From the Hiroshima, Nagasaki to Vietnam, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, they waged war for their interests. These wars resulted in death of millions of people. Justice was never done to the families who lost their loved ones in dozens. 


Pakistan is my country, Pakistan is my heart, its my soil, I am writing my heart out, which may be stark, may be bitter but wouldn’t be a lie. For me, America is that monster who when starving eats their own heirs. You call upon resuming the Nato supplies, how on earth do you even think about it?. Is it the same NATO which bombarded Pakistan once which resulted in injuries of many Pakistani Soldiers? Is it the same NATO which attacked the Pakistani soil, martyring all the soldiers on Salala check post?. How would you justify to the blood of those who stand still defending your land?.
I see, the international community is pressurizing us, it is playing the same old dirty tactics that it has always played to debunk Pakistan through every mean. First it dragged Pakistan into a war which has costed thousands of lives and Billions of rupees to Pakistan, the end result remains nullified. Then it slowly started to kill our dignity and honor by pinching our sovereignty. Each day a drone attack, evading the international border, penetrating into the Pakistani territory, killing as many people as they wanted. Sometimes, the unfortunate school building, sometimes a market, sometimes a domestic home. Then you used our routes for NATO supplies and didn’t pay even a penny to us for that, you just didn’t stop there, and then you attacked our soil, killed our soldiers.

I ask, on what moral grounds you ask to resume NATO supplies? I ask my ruling class, have you forgot the pathetic agonizing attacks? Or may be your conscience is asleep, Oh but in a very deep sleep. Each day, I die morally, each day when I see my ruling class prostrating to the people who are killing my land. Eventually this nation will die morally, there will be 180 million bodies walking around but dead! yes Morally Dead. Thank you America, Thank you Leaders.


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