A drone a day keeps life away

And the massacre continues with another drone strike killing many. USA is not the culprit; the real culprits are those people of power whose silence is executing deaths everyday in Pakistan. Those who were proud of their eloquent tongues have silenced their tongues over drone attacks. When the nations keep silence on killings of their own people, they loose their dignity.

2966 people were killed in 9/11 attacks in USA, which pushed USA so far into the war on terror. The core reason was the security of their people and dignity of their nation. Today every American is at least sure that their government is doing much for their lives, I am afraid in Pakistan, it seems like the lives are on sale. Nobody cares about whose dying and who’s not. Government has failed miserably to protect human’s lives.

According to The New America Foundation, 2680 people including 173 children have died in Drone attacks in Past eight years. And still many are dying everyday. If you want to know about price of human blood, ask a mother and you’ll know there’s no price for it. I had expectations from Pakistan army, I had expectations from the patriot Generals but for the first time in life, I am feeling as miserable as I can, my own protectors, the army, oh not the army the “Paak” Fauj of Pakistan has failed to protect lives of their people.

Think before worst time overtakes us. Greatest nations of the world have faced even worse circumstances, but there was a difference, those nations were alive. China was once under occupation of Japan, Nazi’s were once outside the gate of Moscow, France was once under tyrant monarch. Temporary invasions don’t win wars, Leningrad, Stalingrad was once invaded, but the nations who want to remain free, fight till their last breath. Ignorance of individuals of this nation is the only reason why Pakistani’s are suffering. The consciences when go to deep sleep, when the deaths are ignored just because the person died is not your father, your son, you mother or daughter, when the ray of hopes are lost in the dark seas of bewilderment, nations die.


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