I am a Pakistani just like you.

Sometimes I consider myself a superman, sometimes batman and most of the time a very idle man.

These days my household expenses are covered by the awe-inspiring beats of my drum in the streets of Islamabad at Seher Time.

I am so fond of giving interviews but being a common man, no one is interested in interviewing me, so i will ask myself questions.

**Why do you think you are superman?**

Well there are lot of reasons for being a superman. First I have this t-shirt with Superman printed on it. Other reason is that living without Electricity and Natural Gas actually makes me believe that I am a superman. In the mean of sometime I am sure you’d also think this about yourself.

**Do you believe in Revolution?**

No I rather believe in devolution. We are going through devolution for many years now. There’s something called a bad state, but above it there’s something called the worst state. We are even below that state. So if you again ask me if I believe in revolution, I’d rather steal your trousers out of a swimming pool.

**What do you think about Pakistan?**

Aah Pakistan? Pakistan is a nice country, it has four provinces. Oh Wait! It has five provinces. Oh No! It has some 6 provinces and other 10 or 20 are in compile time. The people are Pakistan are very nice to everyone. They are so good at mystical knowledge, you’d never know about your ‘Chappal’ once its gone from a local Mosque in jummah Prayer. They are so kind as well. The state of Karachi is the best example for it. Beside they really care for their country. However they are bit lazy to get out of their bed on a election morning to cast their vote.

**Who is Quaid e Azam?**

I think I have read about him somewhere. Oh I remember when I was kid, I asked my uncle about the old man on 1 rupee note. He happened to be Quaid e Azam. Well I think he was founder of Pakistan. Luckily he didn’t survive for long after the creation of Pakistan, else he would have died by seeing it.

**Are you happy with the current Government of Pakistan?**

Yes I am very happy about the Government of Pakistan. The government is doing good work but I am very unhappy about the people who brought it. The people of Pakistan should eat almonds on the note of daily basis. I hear it improves memory.

**If you were president of Pakistan, what changes you would to bring?**

Well don’t expect much from him, after all I am a Pakistani as well. At first place I would give away Rolls Royce Phantoms to each member of my family. Then I would buy myself a Ferarri 595 and would go on a ride with my girl friend. I think these banks are very unsafe place for the peoples money, So Its better to place the peoples money in President House Safe. I would amend the constitution in every possible way to prolong my reign.

**Who is your inspiration?**

The great ‘Double Shah’ is my inspiration. I am sure nobody on earth can be this evil in fooling people with the exception of Zardari Sahib.

I am no different from anyone. I am the person who lives inside every Pakistan.


2 thoughts on “I am a Pakistani just like you.

  1. Wow .. 🙂 i really enjoy it. It puts smile on my face from the beginning. 🙂
    when i start reading. . 1stly i make a pray for you .. Allah ap k Rizzak me Izzafa farmayen. Ameen. (Do recite this dua as many time as possible: “Rab’bir hum huma kamaa Rabba yani saagerha” .. This is for Parents but it increases Rizzak for sure.)

    Your interview is full of polite Sarcasm and fun. 🙂

  2. Great one, dear but about founder you shouldn’t write like this, we are pakistan right without us there is no PAKISTAN, so who gave us this PAKISTAN Pay a Respect to that honorable Personality else we would have been living next to ramu kaka and champa bhai on the top floor thanks to him for this freedom rest , i think we both know well nothing stays forever, these politicians wont stay for long trust me, Allah knows everyone and everything and everyone is accountable in front of him, so why blood. things which are happening on the streets and Islamabad policies aren’t are own. when they will be you will proudly say Thank you Allah for your Glory , Blessings and love on our home town ! no doubt seek for your refuse and no other, glory to be.

    Farhan Imaan

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