Dear President, Please stir your head


Imagine if you had no Air Conditions in your car, in your office, in your palace. Imagine, you had to walk few miles everyday to go to work in 45C. Imagine if you can, that you had no place to hide your entity. You had to pay the bills of electricity, gas and even water. Since your education would only get you a job of clerk, so imagine you are working as a clerk in some government department, you are about to end up making an excel sheet on which you are working from hours and suddenly the power goes off.

Imagine Mr. President that you fall sick, you go to the hospital and wait for hours to get Doctor’s appointment. Doctor charges you with huge bill and prescribes you medicines that you cannot afford. Imagine you are waiting in queue at a CNG station to get your cylinder filled because on next two days, there will be CNG load shedding.

Imagine Mr. President, you are desperately waiting for Budget 2011 to see if there’s an increment in pays and at the end you find it to be only 15%. Imagine you had to borrow money from your relatives/colleagues to pay fees of your children. Imagine you go to the market to buy fruit for your children and you find it out of your range. Imagine, you hardly live with your pay because even the things of daily use get out of your hand.

Mr. President, we live in a country where social injustice is matter of routine, where security remains only to high rise apartments of big authorities, where we bribe for our basic supplies, where the electricity is a dream, where liberty is in words only, where the jobs are sold, where the life is shred everyday.

It’s your moral obligation to sustain the basic rights of your nation. The world has seen the self-righteous leaders before you, and the world has witnessed their narrow ending. Don’t you fear of that time when these many feet high walls of your palace will be no more? Don’t you even think for a moment about the time when these bullet proof cars will be no more for you? The time twists Mr. President; Once Nazis were also in power, once King Louis ruled France, Once Alexander invaded half of the world but it doesn’t take huge point in time for the greatest of greatest empires to fall like ashes.

Your empire and all those fallen empires have one thing in common i.e. they also never worried about their people. Nazis shredded the core of right and wrong, what that was right for Nazis was imposed in Germany. On other hand People died of scarcity of food in France while the King Louis enjoyed the luxurious meals in his palace. Alexander had invaded half of world but he couldn’t invade the heart of people, his cruelty and greed for land led to his own destruction.

This is a stark truth but Sir, your government has all these flaws. Turn the table before table turns you. Its never too late, we are still looking for “Roti Kapra Makan” in the shade of torn clothes, holed roof and rotten bread.

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3 thoughts on “Dear President, Please stir your head

  1. I am sure if the president reads this he will not understand a WORD of what you just said 🙂

    The greed for power and money is in a human being’s DNA, its almost certain to find it in everyone, but what really does matter is HOW a person acquires it.

    We need to set priorities and the first one should be justice. And once one said “Justice seems to be…”, I am talking about a justice that is accepted by ALLAH and HIS Apostle and the people of Pakistan.

    The injustice that dwells in our society has only led us from bad to worse as for any other nation this is true as well. The Franks, the Germans, the English and the lands of Alexander.

    A society dies, and we are dying if not already dead.

  2. It is obviously a sweet effort by you to make him aware of realities, common people facing in today’s Pakistan but what makes it useless effort is that our leaders and our nation forgotten the values and importance of building a character in our lives. We only lack a word in our lives thats “KARDAR SAAZI” and this word I took from Jinnah’s quotes.

    to curb corruption, we need CHARACTER based on ethical values.
    to stop Drone attack, we need CHARACTER based on dedication to country.
    to make us heard around the globe, we need CHARACTER based on truth.
    we simply need a CHARACTER individually, to work as One Nation.

  3. kis by’zameer ko bata rahy hain? jo shaks so called Muslim ho k mout sy, khud pe musalat hony waly Azaab sy na darta hon. onhin aisi baton ki kiya parwa!
    jo loog ‘soonay ka chamcha’ ly k paida hoty hian. onn sy Zameer naam ki cheez bohat kaam hi paai jati hai.

    Ajj ka insaan masrrof hia. kisi zameer par kaan nahi dharta. wo maal ginnany or jamaah karny k shugal me mubtelha hogea hia. agar oss sy khuda pouchy k tumhy Dozakh me behjon k Jannat me.. tu oss ka jawab hoga “Jahan Doo Paisay Ka Faida ho Wahan Behj Do.”

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