Random Thought: Ten Reasons to Love Zardari

Smiling Zardari at the nation


1. He smiles all the time. (At the foolishness of Nation)

2. He is very soft even if you talk rudely with him. Nawaz Sharif Talks very rudely with him but he in reply says “Big Brother”

3. He spent all his life in jail for the good of this nation. And today we all are spending life worse than jail.

4. It wasn’t his wish to become president as he is a down-to-earth person but he was threw at the deepest corner of pool where he had to swim to survive.

5. Just as we all loved Benazir, he also loves Benazir.

6. He is one handsome guy with trendsetting hair and mustache styles.

7. His daughter is somehow somehow HOT, because money speaks more than a person.

8. He is still unmarried ! look at his love for his wife.

9. He takes immediate notice of Target Killings in Karachi.

10. We all just love Zardari for nothing and this is the reason He is president today.

So stop speaking shit about him.


2 thoughts on “Random Thought: Ten Reasons to Love Zardari

  1. Hahahaha! Pakistan ko patta nae kon kon se din dekhne parein ge. Your content was interesting and so were the tags. Haha

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