Be a Thanda Begairat this time too

Osama's compound in Abbotabad

Look everyone, stop it! You have no authority to do it. Why are you getting furious over ISI and Pakistan army? Why are you asking them to pay back your taxes? Why are you cursing Pakistan Army? Oh C’mon! Please grow up! Why this time?

So what if Americans Navy Seals carried operation in Pakistan? Is this the first time? Then why are you all yelling? Forgot the everyday drone attacks? The difference is only that, this time they came up with Helicopters flown by pilots, otherwise they come with UAVs, but both sell the same purpose.

Please accept this! We all are ‘thanday begairat’. Blogs, news, discussions, tv shows, everyone, everywhere is discussing the Pakistan Army take on Operation. They say “Osama k Khilaf Operation bahut se sawalat chor gaya Pakistan Army aur ISI k liye”. Doesn’t it leave ‘Sawalat’ when hundreds of innocents are killed in Drone attacks? Where are these questions when Drones violate Pakistani Air Space every second day?

Do you also ask Why Pakistan Army didn’t react to the operation? Did Pakistan Army ever react to Drones?

Why didn’t ISI react? You think this question as well?

May be ISI was busy in the pact of lies between PML Q and PPP.

As I have said it before, I am saying it again, this land belong to 170 Million dead bodies. We are one visionless nation which doesn’t have any direction. The nation which don’t know what to say and what to do. We are the people who flow in the direction of running wind.

Welcome to the brigade of ‘Thanday begairats’ who only know how to raise their price by thinking crap. Live Freely, Eat freely and sh** freely. But when there something unusual happens, show your patriotism by yelling absurd things.


3 thoughts on “Be a Thanda Begairat this time too

  1. @Umar:
    what will be the end result of protest?? he did, but no one came.
    ab tak apny Pakistan ka ham jitna beerah gharak kar choky hian oss k bad ab tak isy rehna nahi chahye thia.. ye koi khaas rehmat hia iss pe jo abi b ye kahim o salamat hia.

  2. Do you also ask Why Pakistan Army didn’t react to the operation? Did Pakistan Army ever react to Drones?

    Why didn’t ISI react? You think this question as well?

    Let me answer this question for you , Senior Official told me it was fake mission carried out before 10th year to 9/11 Osama bin Laden died due to kidney problem in 2002, and that news was on the internet but as this one came they vanished the previous one. a total non sense by americans to show the world we are number 1 , Super Power, all thou america is suffering due to financial crisis. over 120,000 per month are unemployed there.

    Pak Army share the information with US Intelligence, where the target is hidden, for pakistan it is not Mission Impossible we also have UQAB and Falcon UAV like US air force, but targets may slip off from there so their GPS is fast and they react with in no time, mostly drones fly from Pakistan Baluchistan if people don’t know that, and shahbaz base even I saw F117-A taking off from there. Thanks to Mush for 35,000 lives, Zardari did pretty well to disconnect America so we should be following them instead we shook hand with russia this time after a long time. see the brighter side as well, I know country is messed up but just wait and see how things get changed. have faith in Allah.

    Farhan Imaan

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