The great book of University Life

Just few more days to go! And the graduation will be done. Looking back at four years I still cannot believe, how furiously time passed. For me, it was just like a blink of eyes. Everything is done; I will be a graduate Engineer. WOW! Sounds great? The journey was rough and tough. Just to post few thoughts on how it went! I made a plan to write this.

First day of University!

A guy raises his hand and asks “Sir May I go to washroom?”, “This is university, stop this school trend, you may leave class anytime for anything” the teacher replied.
So this is how the washroom rule works in University, WOW! Knowing this thing, most of students used to leave class in the mid, never to return back.

Semester Projects
Ding Ding! “Net pe search kiya Project?”

Ding Ding ! “Yaad se Bold aur Underline remove karleyen, pichli baar bhe pata lag gaya tha k Wikipedia se uthaya hai

Oh Okay! I learned the art of copy/pasting in university, it was never an issue unless you don’t remove the bold and underlines.

Electronics Lab – A day before semester project submission

Almost everyone working in lab all panicked and hurried. A guy starts running and more like dancing goes to everyone and asks loudly just near your ear

1K ka resistor hai?”

No I don’t have 1K resistor but I wish I could punch your face. Learn the etiquettes to ask for something nicely at the first place an at least bring all the components of circuit.


Met all kind of teachers, some were extreme funny, some were extremely serious, some considered teaching as a punishment to them. Students are always innocent and brave enough to make a stand in front of teacher. Similarly a friend when not convinced with the science of Differentials Equations, asked

“Sir Book mein tou Aisay likha huwa tha”

“Which book do you read?” teacher asked.

“Erwin Kreyszig ki Advance Engineering Mathematics”

“He is wrong, I’m right! He was only PhD, I’m Post Doctorate” the teacher replied.

I wish I could tell you with due respect that, Sir Erwin Kreysig is known to be pioneer of mathematics, He authored 14 books, including Advanced Engineering Mathematics, he is not wrong, but your ego is not letting you to accept your mistake.


If I don’t talk about the seniors today, it will be injustice to the love they ever gave us. I was amazed to see that students respect seniors here like they respect their father, it’s unbelievable but true. Seniors are complimented for no reasons, they are flattered for no reason, and they are told that they are handsome for no reason. But in the mean of sometime, I realized, they are not a waste creature, they are also useful. It was a trend to ask seniors about the teacher before registering his course. At most of times they suggested

“Beta iss se course na parhna! Pichli baar 25 logo ka ‘F’ aya tha”

Most of them were always looking for a guy having “Maachis”. At the end of the day! Seniors helped us a lot with everything specially by telling us

“Iss teacher ki jitni marzi classes bunk karo! He never prevent from exam”


Almost everybody lives in hostel, they really come there with a strong intention to study but of course movies are more appealing than studies. Who would study when you have all the latest movies to watch? Would you? But Oh no! These are final exams! Let study.

“Bus 5 mint, yeh scene dekh lun”

Aah! You wasted entire 2 hours behind this 5 minute scene. Wake up! You’ve exam tomorrow.

Rumors Everywhere!

“Jani Shart laga le! Yeh 5 sawal zaroor ayenge, jab sir paper bana rahey thay tou mein unke room mein gaya tha, mein ne dekha hai paper”

Leave all those 10 chapters, let study these 5 questions; we ‘Rattafye’ those questions, eating, sleeping, and sometimes even take our notes to the washroom.

Exam Hall

For option A, touch your left eye

For option B, touch your nose,

For Option C, touch your ear

For Option D, touch your forehead

We already know this formula, but unfortunately, at most of times, we had Option E as well in Multiple choice. Exam hall always had dead silence, and those 3 teachers standing in the hall always looked like monsters.

“Oye Question number 2,3,4 and 5 dekhaa”

My dear friend, look at the paper! It only has five questions. Please next time come prepared.

Final year Presentation

Presentation at 10 am

All ready for Presentation? Of course, We have been preparing our presentation by staying up all night.

6:00 am

“Yaar Present kon karega?”


“Acha yaar mein he karlunga”


“Per yaar mere pass matching tie nahi”


“yaar muje tayari tou kara do”


And the presentation went awesome. I never knew the science behind it. We all never worked hard over presentations, almost every one of us had one or more issues, sometimes with tie, sometimes with boots, but at the end, everything just worked perfect.

At the End

I loved each and everything about university life, the semester projects, the intense engineering classes, the tea of cafeteria, at times I even loved the white board which never remained white by the end of class. Not to forget the silly semester projects, the funny teachers, the fast internet connection, I don’t know what to say! Just Everything. These moments have passed, but they will live in my heart, in my mind all my life.


7 thoughts on “The great book of University Life

  1. my university experience was very different in a lot of ways but at the end everyone’s seem to be similar in most ways. the mcq batane ka system is brilliant, magar the question of cheating always boiled down to poonchne ka kya tareeqa hoga. and in those cases, the best people seemed to be those who were brave or desperate. usually both.

  2. I love the way u wrote it down…. really amazing… reminded me these years spent at uni… and i liked “Seniors” section to the most…. as a senior i always used to answer such questions of juniors like ” Nido Bhai yeh teacher kaisa hai, Paper kaisa banaey ga? Pass bhi karay ga k nahi….”
    and later on…. we really kept waiting for somebody to come and share with us cig or matches…. There was a healthy relationship between seniors and juniors… Respect was practiced from both sides….
    For me this was most amazing thing at iiui…. And i wish it goes on.

  3. Dear Nido Bhai

    I am not sure if you remember me by name or not! But I am also one of your junior from the class of F07-FET 🙂

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  5. This is so true, as much as I want to graduate at this point with sweet memories, there are bitter ones too but I’d say university shapes our personality to who we are today. One grow so much, emotionally and mentally.
    This is one of the most important books in life.

    Loved how you added the most common phrases and sights we experience at uni.

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