Before you leave for India, Mr. Prime Minister

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani with his Indian counter-part

Dear Yousaf Raza Gillani,

As now, it’s decided that you are going to India to watch the semi-final between Pakistan and India, I am sure just like every Pakistani, and you are also excited for the match. Its been a long time that we had a table talk with Indians. I am glad that you are availing this invitation and I assume that you would turn this invitation into opportunity to discuss the unsolved matters.

But just before you leave Pakistan, I have few reminders for you. This is not me, this is the voice of 180 Millions Pakistanis, the un-heard voice, the unspoken words, and I hope you’d turn your ears to it.

The world has just celebrated earth hour for one hour, but I don’t know either to call it our fortune or destitute that we have an earth hour every few hours in Pakistan. Just to remind you, in case if you have forgot, we have not yet yelled over the Krishan-ganga dam, we are the nation facing electricity crises, Nations develop with time, but it’s our unfortunate that we are going down with every second passed. Mr. Prime Minister, India has constructed dam over Jhelum River by sabotaging the Indus water treaty. They will produce 990MW of energy out of it. Please don’t forget to borrow few mega-watts for your land.

Mr. Prime Minister, the never ending dispute of Kashmir is still there. Its 63 years Kashmiris are dieing everyday. The air of Kashmir is still colored with slogans like “Pakistan ka Matlab kia, Laa Ilahaa Ill Ill Lah”. I salute the courage of Kashmiris, and I feel helpless for those Kashmiris when I see the authorities of Pakistan turning deaf ears to those slogans. Mr. Prime Minister, we all have high hopes from you, just as we had hopes from every previous Prime Minister, but this time, don’t let our expectations into the mud.

Mr. Prime Minister, Secular India owes an explanation to Pakistan on Samjhota Express when 68 passengers were torched and burnt to death. The victims are still demanding justice from India, I am sad to write, the Pakistani government has not done anything over it, but it was eager to lay down themselves to knees over Mumbai Attacks. Please question about Samjhota Express incident to your Indian counter-part Sir.

I support you when you say “War is not the solution to Indo-Pak Problems”, I agree with it, and I support table-talks, but table-talks of equality. Why Pakistanis are always a degree lower than Indians in table talks? I need peace, we all need peace, but not by letting our honor and dignity down. I hope and pray, you look upon all these points and think over them. Thank you.


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