This is it! No more Silence.

I know many of you would consider me part of a Mullah Brigade, many would call me extremists, many would says, “get a life man, we are sick of listening this”, but trust me, this is it! I can’t bear it anymore, I would regret all my life if  I don’t write this today.

So I was waiting for this, and it finally happened. Libya is attacked by USA, first cruise missile has been shot at the Libyan capital, few more days to another biggest disaster, one more massacre of humanity. Thousands will die again; blood will be staged on the streets of Libya yet again. What for? Do one dictator costs lives of many innocents? And who on earth is USA to interrupt in internal affairs of any sovereign country?

Oh! I am sorry, I forgot I am Pakistani and I am not allowed to use the word sovereignty. We all are American slaves and we are fed to serve our masters. They don’t care killing innocents of my land in mass number, we are so eager to forgive people like Raymond Davis, killer of two Pakistani nationals.

So getting back to my point, over one million Iraqis have lost their lives after American invasion in Iraq. Millions are dying every day in Afghanistan, not to forget, Millions died in Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the American monsters that swallowed all these lives and still not resting, yet another attempt to kill millions in Libya.

I was amazed to know that the Arab league actually supported attack on Libya, Did all the Arab leaders forgot that if its Libya today, tomorrow it could be their country. Who was more loyal to USA than Gaddafi himself? Who was more loyal to USA than Saddam himself? And we have seen the miserable end of Saddam, and we will soon see the same ending of Gaddafi, sad but true.

Will it awaken the Arab leaders? Will it awake Pakistani leaders? I personally believe that we are equally supporting American massacre if we put silence on our faces. Lives of Muslims have a very cheap price and I blame nobody for it but Muslims themselves. These silent lips of everyone in our community would soon let USA to invade the whole world.


6 thoughts on “This is it! No more Silence.

  1. The world is about to end.. Qiyamat is near. All signs are completed only 1 or 2 of them is left.
    After obseving all situations which we are facing now a days and the knowledge of current events and affairs, i reached to this conclusion: Now we should prepared for our death and the hereafter life.
    May be the fear of death .. the fear of Azaab, the fear of our Aamaal, the fear of Allah Subhan-u-Tallah lead us to the right direction. May be after that we will be Muslim even(because we are not even in the list of true Muslims)
    We don’t know our Quran’s teaching, we don’t even try by ourselves to explore Quran even not go through its translation.
    If our buzurgs said its true .. we said after him Its true. if he says its wrong, we said the same too ..

    Today everyone is dying for no reason.May be tomorrow you will be killed, the next day the next person will be me.

    I just request you all .. be sincere to your Religion only (Commandments of Allah S.W.T). Certainly Allah will raises us. All of our problems will be vanish. InshaAllah. because Allah says in Quran:
    “And hold fast to the rope of Allah all together and do not divide, and remember
    Allah’s Favor on you when you were enemies then He united your hearts so that you
    became through His Favor brothers. And you were on the brink of a pit of Fire and He
    saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His Signs so that you may be

    1. A very touchy comment Imaginations. Jazak Allah for posting such a beautiful thought that has enlightened my heart and mind.

      Jazak Allah again.

  2. Well, very nice blog and the above article…

    I was hopefull, em Hopefull and I ll be…coz I belive dt Ghazway-e-Hind (which hv been predicted by Prophet MOHAMMAD (P.B.u.H) ll start from Pakistan and it ll united n ll lead the whole muslim ummah…Pakistan the only land in this World which have been came into being only and only on the basis of ”RELIGION” (for Islam). we just need to hv a brave n visionary leader who can rescue this nation and lead with the Power n return our lost sovereignty. Insha Allah

    Pakistan hamesha Zinda baad

  3. @Prince Charming
    Kindly mention it, from where you quote this “Ghazway-e-Hind (which hv been predicted by Prophet MOHAMMAD (P.B.u.H)”.
    That will be Appreciable.

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