Dear Liberals, Listen Please…

Salman Taseer speaking in the favour of convict for 295C

My forefathers struggled to get this land; they gave their each drop of blood to breath freely. It was a blue morning decorated with bloodsheds of Muslim all over India when Pakistan came into being. The stench of fresh blood was setting the perfect stage for the reincarnation of a nation which was suppressed for over a century. We all gave much; our ancestors sacrificed their lives for the birth of this nation in the wake of “Pakistan ka Matlab Kia … Laaa Illahaa Illil Lah”.

Dear Liberals, I must remind you, this is Pakistan, the country that was made on the ideology of Islam, the part of land which we separated on the name of Islam. Holy Prophet SAW is the torch of Islam, the Prophet above everyone, when you can digest the law against holocaust denial in more than 14 European countries, why can’t you digest a law for the Holy Prophet? I never saw any of so called liberals protesting against the Holocaust denial law.

I am in the favor of 295C – the blasphemy law, but yes I too have problems with its implementation. But to tell you people, the solution is not to wipe it out of constitution but as a matter of fact, we need another law to prove the validity and authenticity of accused person under 295C. In fact I suggest anyone making false allegation in the name of 295C must also be trialed under this article.

After my deep research over the Islamic blasphemy law, I have come to know that all the Sheikh Ul Islam actually suggested this punishment for blasphemy against the Holy Prophet SAW. I have no guts to stand against the Sheikh Ul Islams, because my sum of Emaan is no way equivalent to theirs. You may ridicule me over it, you may hit me over it, but I give up for something that is decided by the body of Ulema’s. And wait! This is not just an Islamic law! Death sentence is prescribed in all the major religions for blasphemy that includes Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism.

Dear Liberals, I would raise here a question, why would any civilized person on earth regardless of religion would disrespect the greatest beneficiary of Humanity? I don’t claim that, Non Muslims claims that here. The person who gave the world, the best social political ethical system, disrespecting him should be a breach of law morally.

Dear Liberals, I am not here supporting Qadri or to justify assassination of Salman Taseer (RIP) but the purpose is to raise a voice against the lobby that is already working and speaking aloud against the blasphemy law.

I am not going to pamper in semantic contrivances because the situation is far too serious. The fat is in the fire, and the time has come for all of us to act individually to lit the torch of vision among the masses, else we will fall down someday with more greater intensity.

Everywhere there have been black days and tragic developments. But the effort must be always to try to repair the damage. I hope we are all prepared to set ourselves first on individual mark of refinery before we move any further. I’m thankful to all of you for bearing me.


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