Musharraf the Face’Bukiyah’

Mushrraf The Face’Bukiya’

No formal introduction is required as the pro-Musharraf Brigade already tagged me as “Jamatiya” for writing a blog against Musharraf. This seems funny to me but It doesn’t switches my spirit off. This time we will have an overlook on “How to be famous leader”.


Look! This is one easy way to assume that you are a famous leader. For this technique, the person should be retired from job. He must not work anywhere so that he can give maximum of his time to his fan page at facebook. At first, you will need to pay facebook a lot of money to advertise your page. Once your page is advertised, you will get many fans. After having so many fans, you have to show your artificial sympathies and condolences to on-going affairs of country, thus assuming yourself a famous person.

Just like Musharraf says ‘I am a popular leader’ but I have a question, do you really think those 3 lacs fans at your  facebook page will really vote for you?.

Now let look at the kind of comments Musharraf get at anything he posts at his fanpage.

Taken from Musharraf FB Fanpage

I hope Mr Musharraf, you don’t really think yourself to be Abraham Lincoln after somebody calling you ”Ebrahim Lankin”.

Bayan Bazi

Despite being against you Mr Musharraf, trust me I never thought you to be that low but I regret I was proved wrong after the statements you given about other political parties.

Shakal Achi na ho tou Baat tou Achi karlia karien.

Did I hear somebody saying that you were Mr. World once? Yeah. Musharraf Fans, please correct me if I am wrong.

‘Mein Jhoot Bolne Se Nahin Darta’

Of course, you don’t really need to say that, we already know this, sometimes our actions become slip of tongue. In fact I appreciate this, finally we have a ‘dictator-turned-politician’ who is not afraid to lie and he admits it on record.

Last but not the least, please don’t disgrace Iqbal by reading his verses wrong. You said ‘saza’ instead of ‘taqdeer’. I had to write this whole blog just to correct this.

Once I read a blog and it ended after few minutes, so this blog will also have to end now. See you soon people.

P.S: I am neither Jamatiya nor member of Noon League. Denying links with both parties doesn’t make me part of Tehreek e Insaf.


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