20 reasons we asked Musharraf to go

I have 20 solid points which prove Pakistan doesn’t need Musharraf.

  1. He allowed Nato and American forces to launch attacks inside Pakistan. Can anyone on earth justify the killing of thousands of innocents?
  2. Terrorism increased during his presidency because of which all of us are still suffering.
  3. How can supporters of Musharraf justify a person who entered the government the wrong way? Have you forgotten the night martial law was imposed?
  4. Do you cry because a pastor was burning the Holy Quran? How about when the leader of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was attacking a mosque?
  5. Derailing democracy is one of his biggest achievements. Thank you, Mr Musharraf.
  6. What about Dr Aafia?  Here is a person who was Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan and still claims that he does not know anything about Dr Aafia. ”I don’t know who gave her to America,” he says.
  7. Thank you, Musharraf for ruining the army’s image in Pakistan. You are the reason why the security forces are attacked every day.
  8. Would you still prefer a person who has carried out operations in different parts of Pakistan just to prolong his reign? Did you forget the mass killings in Balochistan and Waziristan?
  9. Maybe many are thankful to him for legalizing corruption but I am not (since I am not corrupt.) I wonder if he thought twice before bringing the NRO to legalize corruption in Pakistan?
  10. Has the general forgotten the first lesson from Pakistan Military Academy.  A soldier’s job is to “serve” the country not to “rule” it.
  11. Who gave him the right to amend the constitution when he was sitting on the seat of president unconstitutionally.
  12. How would you support a person who disqualified and disgraced the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The rank of Chief Justice in any dignified nation is greater than any General but he threw him out in one stroke for his own.
  13. Most of the crises we face today, including shortage of electricity and gas, are a result of the former president’s ‘good intentions’.
  14. He destroyed our Islamic ideology with his nonsense “enlightened moderation.”
  15. He brought disgrace to the army by addressing political jalsay in an army uniform.
  16. He lied. He promised to handover powers to an elected government in three months, which later proved to be more than 8 years.
  17. How many of you have forgotten the TV channels which were banned for months just because a dictator was not fond of listening to criticism.
  18. The Kashmir cause was badly damaged during his presidency. Can somebody on earth clear his stance in the Agra Summit?
  19. Should we thank Musharraf for paving the way to a provincial division by brutally killing Akbar Bugti? The All Anti Pakistani Movements in Balochistan are his gift to the nation. Thanks again!
  20. Generals like him have managed to change the motto of Pakistan into “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia ?…Laathi, Goli, Martial Law

I don’t believe I need to repeat the same point again and again –  you can agree with me or refute my points with valid arguments.


One thought on “20 reasons we asked Musharraf to go

  1. ”Has the general forgotten the first lesson from Pakistan Military Academy. A soldier’s job is to “serve” the country not to “rule” it.”
    Just what the Quied said around 60 years ago ”You are the servants of this nation..”

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