What this democracy is good for?

I am not an executive, I am not an MNA, and I am not working in a multi-national company. I am one ordinary man living under this “extra ordinary democracy”. I learned in my school/college that democracy is what we call “Peoples Elected Government.” Everybody sung songs of democracy. Some said Justice will be provided in democracy, some claimed that life will be better, inflation will decrease, and prices won’t hike that easily as in dictatorship. As a whole they all showed green beautiful meadows attributed to democracy.

Woman Voting in Rawalpindi: Reuters

Hearing all this, I used my right to vote in the wake of good change but I am afraid to write, what I saw in democratic government was totally different than what I perceived about it.

Instead of decreasing the inflation is increasing, daily life things are getting beyond the range of a common man. I thought life will get better with democracy but in the wake of democracy I learned to live without electricity. In fact this democracy sold me in terms of Kerry-Lugar Bill, I am a common man of this land, still I am under intense loan, and do you really think that this Government will pay off the IMF Loan? No! They won’t as they will get off the high thrones after their tenure is over but who then left to pay it? Yes! Its you, its me, it’s our nation who will have to suffer for every injection of Democracy.

Purpose of writing this post is not that I don’t agree with democratic system but if democracy costs me so much, I would prefer (not) to vote again. Being a common man of Pakistan, I don’t have anything to do with democracy or dictatorship, all that I need is my ease. I would love to have dictatorship if it has something good for a common man.


2 thoughts on “What this democracy is good for?

  1. Pakistan is a country mired in problems, full of fault-lines. It is just incredibly sad that this nation is pulled into a vortex of hatred, terrorism and vested interests.

    For the benefit of a few, millions are sacrificed.

    I will not so severely criticise the government, for these problems in this country have existed since its inception. As long as Pakistan, and its people remain focussed beyond their borders, they will not see their burning country from within.

    I hope, and pray, that things improve – but for now, the road is long and arduous.

  2. Majority of Pakistani’s miss one thing, that is lack of vision and I still couldn’t find, who is to blame for this thing.

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