Only if I could bring a change.

Sitting at a Chapper Hotel with a hot cup of tea in a cold-rainy evening, I observed people sitting around me. Some were discussion their college grades, some were indulged in talking about their domestic issues while a lot of them were talking about on-going politics in country. It was good knowing that people still discuss Pakistan even when many of them are not happy with Pakistan. but No! They don’t have any problem with Pakistan, The problem lies with the rulers of this country. Whilst thinking about these people, I thought what change I could bring to Pakistan.

Only if I could have changed something, at first I would have added Arabic as a compulsory language from first grade to post graduation. A lot of us read Quran in our daily life, in fact as soon as a kid start growing, parents look up for a good Qari to make them read Quran. Moreover, when that kid ends up reading whole Quran with the term they use “Nazra”, parents celebrate it and feel lighter as they think, they have performed one big duty of their life. Now think, what good, reading Nazra of Quran can bring to a kid when he does not understands a single word of it. If he had been studying Arabic from his childhood, he would have understood the whole Quran, thus making ease for him even in Taraweehs. This is one reason for which I never go for Taraveehs as I never understand a single word there and I believe Quran wasn’t for Aisaal-e-Sawab, instead It is Noor-Ul-Hidayat, and you cannot seek guidance unless you don’t understand it.

.Another thing, There are lot of people around us, who would tag you as a “Show-off” person if you speak in English. Oh No! Please wait and think, can I really speak good Urdu? Why would I have good Urdu? I have been studying seven courses in English from Nursery till Intermediate and only one course in Urdu, Yes! Only one course in Urdu? And you still expect my Urdu will be better than my English? I wish I could have added more courses of Urdu in our Nursery to Post-Graduation studies as I have said good-bye to Urdu after intermediate and I really doubt myself, I don’t know if I can still write Urdu.

Sigh! Who is your ideal? Many youngsters have Shahrukh Khan as an ideal, many of them would vote for Hritik Roshan for his good muscles, but wait! Do you really think they deserve to be your .ideal? Why our society has ignored great Islamic Warriors like Sultan Muhammad bin Fateh and Muhammad Bin Qasim? They did big things when they were very small. Do you know Einstein? Oh really? Yes, everybody knows him, but tell me who Al-Jazari was? Many of us doesn’t know about Father of Robotics, Father of Modern Engineering, and creator of crank-shaft. Just to add it to your knowledge, had there been no crankshaft, there would be no engine, and hence there would be no car on earth. And Yes! Al-Jazari was a Muslim. We need to promote Muslim teachings first before we move any further.

These three important steps can bring a change in our country. May be a small change but you never know sometimes small things breed big products. I wish I had authority to implement such small ideas.


One thought on “Only if I could bring a change.

  1. More than anything, we need to bring a change in ourselves, in our practices, in our mindset, in our actions and decisions, then only can we prosper as a NATION, as an UMMAH.
    Talk about leaders who govern us, What about us? Do we really make a difference in our fellow Pakistanis lives, do we strive do make a difference within our people – our community? No, most of us just blame it on the Government.

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