Dear Ramadan,

I thought Fasting teaches you patience but I am afraid I don't see it anywhere.

Dear month of Ramadan,

I have a sincere purpose to write this letter to you, I am seeing some austere problems everyday which I thought to put on your ears.

At first I would like to apologize as this year we couldn’t welcome you with our usual religiously zealous capacity. I am sad to state that somewhere there are people looking for clothes to cover their kids, somewhere a person is looking for food to get along with Sehur, not everyone is worried about them. I was taught in childhood that you teach Muslims to help their Muslims brothers and sisters who are subject to calamity but I am afraid to say there are still some Muslims who are living a happy life in their air-conditioned room not giving any heed to the people who don’t even have shelter to confront burning-sun in flood affected areas.

I was taught fasting is a shield against evil, when people fast, they are more calm and tolerant than ever, but I am afraid to tell you that still there are people worse than animals, who beat youngsters to death for no good reason and people standing-by gaze at them as if they are watching a circus show. I know those people brought disgrace to you by being intolerant and evil but I am sorry to state, this is how it goes in Pakistan during Ramadan.

I know dear Ramadan, you teach us to care for others around. Even you emphasize to give them priority over your needs, but I am sad to state that everyday I see traffic dead-locks near aftaar time. Everyone is in hurry to go to home first. In hurry people go in wrong lanes, thus causing a traffic dead-lock. It doesn’t ends here, they then fight with each other and try to defend their miserable mistake. I am sorry Ramadan, you came to teach us patience, but we are very impatient people being a nation.

I know its sad Ramadan, but I have nothing good to tell you this time. I am still tied with never-ending hope that someday people will be noble enough to understand your philosophy and follow it in a right manner inshAllah.


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