The Miserable Independence day

Yet another 14 August, yet another celebrations. So many youngsters, so many cars, so many motorcycles with the green flag around it. So many slogans again, so many intentions again, but would it make any difference? – Did they make any difference in past 63 years?. Okay what makes you to celebrate Independence day?

Do you celebrate independence day because you’ve chicken nuggets to eat along with some refined Biryani and yogurt while your brothers and sisters stuck in flood affected areas get along sehri with a muddy water?. Somewhere someone is spending a fortune to make green dress for 14th August and somewhere there’s a family who is looking for clothes to cover their kids. Somewhere a father is coping his kids, “things will be alright, we will have our home back,” somewhere a youngster is spending money to decorate his car for independence day.

We often say youngsters are the future of this country. Pakistan is the country with maximum population of youth, the youth that I’ve seen today with one wheelie on constitution avenue in Islamabad. Some showing their love towards Pakistan by lighting fire crackers, some performing stunts on bikes with high-speed not knowing if they slip even an inch, it could cost them their life.

There will be so many shows on television just like every time, some anchors will be cutting cakes to celebrate birthday of their beloved country, some will be discussing political anarchy, some would be showing people living in misery in those flood effected areas. What difference would it make? I feel sad for Iqbal when he says.

Qaharee o Ghafaree o Qudoosee o Jabroot
Yeah Chaar Anasir houn tou Bunta hai Musalmaan

To rout the foes, to grant them reprieve,
Do pious deeds and show great might
Are four ingredients that make
A Muslim Devout who shuns not fight.

I’m sorry Iqbal, neither we have anyone to rout the foes nor someone to show great might, palaces of our leaders are still shining when somewhere a mother prepares sehri without electricity, they still travel on Boeing 777 when a guy gets late for exam while looking for public transport in a scorching sun. What great show of might, would you expect from them? Nay! no-one but you will have to make a difference in order to pave a way towards progress. But wait No! what way? We would walk towards progress only when we will be a standing nation, Alas! we are not even a standing nation today, we don’t stand anywhere. We have to stand up first in order to walk.

Still the 63rd Independence day, elders would be sleeping in their home considering holiday, youth will be out on roads with flag raised showing their love towards Pakistan with their torn silencers, kids would be happy playing with fire-crackers while at the same time in some parts of Pakistan, some “Ignorant” Pakistanis are living their life out of misery. Somewhere there’s a daughter saying “Government has died for me after my mother died in flood”. Please nuke them all before you celebrate Independence day, kill them out of their miserable life before you celebrate independence day or please take an initiative to help them in whatever way you can.

Get out of thought of racism, we are not four, we are one! God never asked me if I wanted to be Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan or Balochi. We are Pakistani’s and the people who lost their lives and their shelters in Punjab or Khyber Pukhtoonkhuwa, all of them were Pakistani’s not Punjabi’s or Pathan’s. As said by Iqbal

Gubaar e Alood e Rang o Nasab Hain Baal per Tere
Tu Ae Murga-e-Haram! Urd-nay se pehle Pur-Fishaan Hoja

Your wings and plumage are polluted with race and color’s dust
O Haram’s bird flutter your wings before you become ready for flight.

I spoke myself as loud as I could, I had no choice, but to write this, probably this is how I could light sense of vision among masses.


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