Hey I’ve pictures of Margalla Air Crash

Humiliating a man is another thing, but humiliating a dead body is a sin which has no excuse. I’ve been wandering around at different social networking websites and I was astounded to see different users posting pictures of torn bodies of Air Crash victims with a tag line “Not for Weak Hearts”. I thought things were changed in Pakistan in last 63 years but alas! People still seek cheap publicity by posting such things over internet.

I was wondering how a sister would feel to see his brother’s picture somewhere on internet with all his body parts torn apart. How would a mother feel to see his son’s picture somewhere on internet with his body under the debris of plane, for someone it may be fun or a mean to gain “Cheap Popularity” but to someone it may mean life.
A lot of people went there at crash site not to help people but to make money by selling pictures of dead bodies. Life is not very cheap as they think, Kids don’t grow up that easily, ask this to some mother who lost her child in a that sad plane crash.

I’m not being sentimental but I still remember a phrase that I studied in my kindergarten, “As you sow so shall you reap” – the phrase says your deeds, good or bad, will repay you respectively. The purpose of writing this small blog was to light up sense of awareness among masses, may be someone of you was planning to post those pictures on some forum, please stop before you post, before think about those families who lost their loved ones before you post. This will make a chain reaction, from one hand to other, thus lighting sense of ethics among our nation InshAllah.

P.S: People armed with camera cell phones snap away at the helpless with utter disregard for decency. But its perfectly OK when they add “Not for Weak Hearts”. Phew, thank you oh caring photographer. Your warning clearly lessens my guilt in watching these pictures.


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