Gone with Flood…

And they say What is gone with flood? 408 national of country called ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ went away with flood like petals floating over murky water. All dreams, all desires, all plans, all wishes, everything went into pain in a microsecond. We have been watching people strangled by high speed moving water on television, somewhere a brave old man trying to get out of high stream of flood, but wasn’t it nothing more than usual visuals for us that we often watch weekly on AXN’s most amazing videos. They were not only the bodies going on with flood but the people with their senses all alive, with their sense of dreaming and desires, they were floating and probably crying for someone to save them.

Fahad Jahangir, a 19 years old young man, living in Abbatabad with all his dreams to become Civil Engineer. A student who always gained distinction in his school life, still with so remarkable marks in FSC, hoping to go to some good university to become a Civil Engineer. The only star of mothers eye, the only shoulder for father’s ease, the only hope for siblings support, with all his dreams to work for betterment of Pakistan is gone with flood! Yes! And they still say that it was nothing more than a natural disaster?. It was not Fahad Jahangir but a vision that went away with flood. He was one out of 78 people who were eaten by Flood in Abbatabad, still questionable — how many men of vision were there among 78 ‘common people’?

Zainullah, a 65 years old person, living in Laki Merwat, the only sunshine of his family, the only care-taker of his family. A person with a strong will to withstand everything coming his way, trying to feed his family by whatever mean he could is gone with flood from Mohallah Gul Baz. Still Questionable, who will take care of his 89 years old mother? his 60 years old wife?.

Abdul Hakeem, a resider of Kohistan, who have been working all his life to get a place that we call ‘home’, with his kids of small age, he is wandering into the streets and yet waiting for Government’s so called rescue operation. And they ask what is that which is ‘Gone with Flood’, Nay! Its not your million dollars President house, Its not your million dollars Mercedes Benz, Its not your Business class ticket to tour USA, but a few thousands rupees paupers home with all his dreams to live with his family into it, is gone with flood. Thousands of people had been rendered homeless just like one of Abdul Hakeem and many bridges on Karakoram Highway had been washed away. Yes! It is gone with flood.

The flood will end up, Government would make tall claims of covering up the worsened situation, our common man would end up watching ‘star plus’ in his air conditioned room, students would go back to their colleges, everything will be again on flow but the family of 408 victims would still be recalling their loved ones with one thing on their tongue ‘Gone with Flood, Gone with Flood’.

P.S : This article is purely written with authors utter imagination. All the characters and names taken in this story are fictitious and holds no resemblance to real life.


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