The Successful Strike

Today I saw the real example of Unity is strenght man, !

WE did it man We did it, President of my University came to auditoriam and the whole audiotoriam was striked by Slogans like FET , FET FET FET.Anyway Rector made a telefonic speech to us because he hisself wasnt able to come cuz of his eye operation..Whatever but it was real fun, Hats off to all other faculties for supporting us as if we are going to free Pakistan :p.

Today I realised what is unity !  – you know what? We are having holidays from today onwards upto 26 decembers 😀 and ya one more thing i.e Our papers are delayed upto 21 January 🙂 , Our seniors rocks man ! We are going to boycott all classes till the visit of PEC team…

GOD bless all of us !


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